10 Memes Product Manager can relate to

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Zeda.io welcomes you all to another edition of the weekly Newsletter. This week we have curated a list of 10 memes which product managers can easily relate to. We hope this newsletter will bring smiles on your faces. If you enjoy reading this newsletter then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Being Product Manager is tough !! You are jack of all trades and you are pulled all over the places. This week we brought you a different type of content, we have collected 10 memes on Product Management which Product managers can easily relate to. We hope to bring a smile on your face through this newsletter.

  1. #Feature Parity

  1. #Darkmode

  1. #Joining A new PM role.

  1. #What do product managers do

  1. #Backlog where ideas go to vanish

  1. #Technical Debts

7. #Product Managers are always right ??

  1. #More Features !! More Features !!

  1. #Oops !!

  1. #Discussing legal requirements....

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