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Zeda.io welcomes you all to the another edition of weekly Newsletter. This week we have curated the list of 5 Best Newsletter to follow for Product Management. Hope this will help you in gaining some knowledge and upgrading your skills. If you enjoy reading this newsletter then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Being a Product Manager isn't simple, the way is totally fretful. It looks for ceaseless expansion in your insight, redesigning about innovation getting utilized in the business, nonstop learning both sort of hard and delicate abilities and so forth. In all this struggle its also important for a product manager to be updated with the latest of things going on in product management. The source could be any but we believe newsletters help the most in getting updates. After long hours of research we are here listing up the best 5 newsletters to follow for product management. Hope they help you in updating your knowledge and generating new ideas.

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  1. Morning Brew

    Morning Brew is properly named, as it's the ideal thing to peruse when you get to your work area with your morning espresso. It's a clever, quick outline two or three BIG reports in Silicon Valley, alongside stocks, digital recordings, and book suggestions.

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  2. Lenny’s Newsletter

    Lenny's Newsletter, by Lenny Rachitsky, "tackle[s] peruser inquiries concerning product, development, working with people, and whatever else that is worrying you at the workplace." Every week, Lenny gets inquiries on everything to discovering product market fit, and how to adjust self-governance and bearing. In his bulletin he responds to these inquiries from genuine perusers, offering you noteworthy bits of knowledge and the guidance product people truly need.

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  3. Bringing the donuts

    Bringing the Donuts is by Ken Norton, a Product Management Leader at Google. With more than 15,000 item pioneers bought in you're following after some admirable people! Bringing the Donuts brings you PM counsel, select startup occupations, and administration methods from one of tech's most capable product minds.

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  4. Prioritised: The Product Management Newsletter

    This newsletter covers wide range of product management topics just like other newsletters. The content of the newsletter not just get limited to high end conceptual topics but also it has a lot of content sharing small information like to-do’s and guides for product managers.


  5. Product Thoughts by Tim Herbig

    Creator and speaker Tim Herbig knows some thing about products, he never gets afraid to get deep into the product management. The best part is his easy to follow sketches describing product discovery which makes the concept more easy to understand. We recommend this newsletter to all the budding product managers who are new to the concepts.

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