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Zeda.io welcomes you all to another edition of the weekly Newsletter. This week we have curated a list of 7 Webinars which you should not miss. We hope this will help you to become a successful Product Manager and also help you in gaining some knowledge and upgrading your skills. If you enjoy reading this newsletter then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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If you are curious about knowing what runs in a Product Manager’s mind then we have got you an opportunity to sneak a peek into their minds. Zeda.io brings you the list of 7 webinars you must not miss next week. These webinars will bring you insights and stories shared by various Product managers from Spotify, Amazon, Instagram, Disney, Google etc. 

Since this pandemic broke down, physical meetings or seminars have become practically impossible. Since we’re all working from home, webinars are now the most effective way to upskill yourself. Let’s get started.

  1. Webinar: Be a Product Manager, Not a Martyr by Instagram Product Leader

What does it take to be hired as a Product Manager? How can you leverage your current skills to make the transition? There are a few things you need to learn about before you make the switch. Whether you come from marketing, UX/UI, engineering, or even business, you need to know a few things first.

Main Takeaways:
  • Be willing to kill your own ideas/projects

  • Don’t burn yourself out

  • Giving power to others is the greatest way to scale. What product decisions can you delegate, and what must you own!

    Meet the Speaker: Valerie Villarreal

Valerie is a Product Manager passionate about building delightful products that "stick," her specialty in user behavior makes a difference in delivering features to drive user action and retention. Currently, she's a PM at Instagram.

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  1. How to launch & grow your product 0 → 1 → 100

What it takes to start a company from scratch. Do join the meetup, to get insights about Zeda.io. They are building a product for product managers where they can define, manage and collaborate on their products.

Case studies on:
  • Building an audience for Zeda.io before launching the Product

  • Taking Paytm QR code from 10k to 10M

  • Growing Tokopedia conversion rate by 30%

About the speaker:

Prashant Mahajan is the Founder of Zeda.io, Ex- product manager at Paytm and Tokopedia

He Launched Paytm QR Code, Led multiple growth products at Tokopedia, Led Branch Metrics Core Product.

He's going to share how he started Zeda during the pandemic along with some successful strategies he applied to his product.

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  1. The importance of product managers in a digital organization

The success of digital products depends on countless small decisions rather than big, bright ideas. Product managers are the ones in a digital team who align the teams with these choices. Product management is the key discipline for successful digital teams. All over the world, banks, insurers, telecom companies, transport companies, retail chains, and all large companies that want to acquire the digital core competency are investing in the acquisition of this skill.

Why should you attend this webinar?
  • Learn about the challenges of the "product management" function and the best practices for its implementation

  • To get feedback from product management experts at PayPal, Expensya, and Veamly

  • Participate in a conversation on the organizational challenges of adapting this discipline to the realities of large companies with transformation architects from Fabernovel and FOUNDUP

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  1. Webinar: Lean for Product Managers by Amazon Sr PM

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities that a Product Manager has. You want to shine and show that you deserve the trust that the company placed on you. But first, preparation is key. Which is why in this session we will be diving deeper into the skills that will help you get ahead in the competitive PM space.

Main takeaways:
  • What is a Lean product?

  • Lean methods for discovering requirements

  • Lean methods for creating and delivering the Future State

Meet the Speaker: Tim Mullen

Tim is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services. At AWS he is designing Data Center Infrastructure Management.

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  1. Webinar: Lessons Learnt at Apple,Amazon and Google by Google Product Leader

Being a Product Manager requires structured and organized thinking. Frameworks and toolkits are a handy and effective way to approach problems. Product Managers will learn about many and develop their own throughout their product careers.

Main takeaways:
  • Hear the story of how I went from designing microchips for the iphones and macbooks, to leading Alexa's international expansion and ended up managing pre release testing at Google's largest mobile app development platform

  • How to be effective in big companies and gain credibility across different parts of your organization

  • Product management principles that will set you up for success

Meet the Speaker: Liat Berry

Liat is a Product Manager with rich experience acquired in 8 different companies. Currently, she is a PM working with Mobile Apps at Google.

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  1. Webinar: Conversational AI & NLP Product Management by Amazon Principal PM

This will be an informal chat about what it's like to use conversational Artificial Intelligence for a company. It'll cover the different ways they can be implemented within an organization and we'll also touch on some of the misconceptions that come with using conversational AI.

Main Takeaways:
  • AI/NLP overview

  • Flow of Voice Assistants

  • Stage of building a model

  • How to successfully manage Machine Learning Products

Meet the Speaker: Gagan Aneja

Gagan has over a decade of experience working on cloud computing and intelligent assistants like Siri & Alexa. Currently, he is a Principal Product Manager at Amazon Music.

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  1. Webinar: PM Interview Prep: The Product Design Question by Microsoft PM

Interviewing for a Product Manager position is never a piece of cake. It takes experience, spectacular communication skills and extensive prep. In this session, you’ll hear about the golden rules of interviewing that will help you score your dream job.

Main takeaways:
  • Figure out who your target customer is

  • Ideate potential features

  • Prioritize features to create a roadmap

Meet the Speaker: David Naber

David is passionate about building elegant designs, inclusive spaces and quality products. He is a Product Manager currently working at Microsoft, leading the design, development and launch of the system surfaces on Windows 10X.

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So these are a few Webinars which are going to happen in the coming days and you should definitely not miss them out. Register yourself quickly and get exclusive insights from these industry experts. 

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