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Welcome to our latest Newsletter. This weekend Zeda.io is up with another set of 5 blogs which are like guide to Product Management. Read about the experiences of industry experts and their views on Product Management. Hope we have kept you updated with the industry knowledge and latest news. Subscribe our Newsletter for more weekly updates.

  1. The Impact of Covid on Product Managers and the Products They Build by Eira Hayward

    “As many of the world’s major economies work to address the second wave of Covid-19, we thought it would be an appropriate time to look at how the pandemic has changed product management and whether these changes are likely to be long-lasting, even permanent.

    We can split businesses into those that have been able to pivot to digital and those that haven’t – and many of the latter type found they were unable to keep going – a statistic from April 2020 shows that nearly a quarter of businesses in the UK were forced to close their doors in the first wave of the pandemic. Lots of businesses have pivoted in the last seven or eight months, lots have spotted new opportunities, more than a few have been guilty of opportunism.”

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  2. Common Product Prioritization Mistakes

    “Building a successful product isn’t about simply figuring out what to build. It also requires figuring out what to build first

    Product prioritization has always been one of the hardest aspects of product management. Even with all the prioritization frameworks that have gained popularity over the past decade, such as RICE, MosCow, Kano Model, Opportunity Scoring, etc., product prioritization remains a universal challenge across organizations according to The State of Product Leadership 2020 report.”

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  3. How To Identify A Problem Worth Solving by Alex Pedicini

    “A great product is a function of identifying a worthwhile problem and meaningfully solving that problem.

    Michael Seibel, CEO and Partner at Y Combinator, shared the lessons he’s learned from seeing thousands of startups over the last decade on the Investor Field Guide podcast a few months ago. In the episode (23:00–28:00), Seibel discussed the questions he encourages founders to think of when considering a problem area to focus on. This guide can serve to gauge how significant a problem is for a given user base to ultimately determine where you should focus your efforts.”

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  4. What Is Agile Product Development, and Is It Here To Stay? By Ellen Merryweather

    “Everyone in tech was talking about it – move faster, reduce costs, discover a problem, react immediately, improve, rinse and repeat. It was new, it was exciting, it was modern. Agile took over the tech world by storm, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

    When you’re hunting for your first job as a Product Manager, you’re now quite likely to see experience or understanding of agile product development as a requirement. That means, for a successful career in the product world, you need to get to grips with this methodology.

    Here, we’re going to dive into exactly what agile is, where it came from, the core principles, and what it looks like in the real world.”

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  5. Product Roadmap By Kent McDonald

    “A product roadmap is a statement of intent for how you are going to implement your strategy. The product roadmap is a living thing that indicates your best understanding at the point that you last updated it and it also reflects whatever uncertainty you faced when you last put it together.

    A product roadmap is primarily used for communicating your product strategy to people in your organization both inside and outside your product team. Some product people may also use a product roadmap to communicate plans to customers.”

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