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“A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.”
– Deep Nishar, Vice President of Product at LinkedIn

As promised we are back this weekend with the top blogs on product management from product people all over the globe. The list is never ending, we believe the more you read, the more knowledge do you get. So, here are top 5 blogs you should book mark for your read this weekend. These are sourced by some extraordinary people who are into product management. Bookmark or Subscribe it to get more insights from the industry. Get to know their best practices and strategies along with some up to date news about Products.

  1. Productboard Blog

    Productboard is one of the leading brands for roadmap tools. Not just they focus on roadmaps or prioritizing frameworks but also they create some good content on various verticals of product management. Their blogs are delved with all kind of basic to pro articles on product-led growth, product-market-fit and customer feedback. The most recommended series is Age of Product Excellence where they had top influencers from this industry to share their experience.

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  2. Mind the Product Blog

    If you are a Product person who keens to know all about the product management and its latest news internationally, then this is the place for you. A forum filled with like minded people, discussing the latest news on products and lot more. Product Management Job Titles and Hierarchy is a good blog to start with.

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  3. Sachin Rekhi Blog

    He is well accomplished blogger , a product manager and a startup founder from silicon valley. He wrote about 150 articles sharing his experience on product management. There are a lot of good articles to read from his blog but you can definitely start with Articulating Your Product Design Principles.

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  4. ProductPlan Blog

    ProductPlan is the another platform for roadmap tool. It publishes the best blogs about product strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship and agile working of the frameworks. A good start for this blog could be Need a Product Manager Mentor? Here’s How to Find a Great One. You can find more blogs and articles on the Interview process and PM Role

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  5. Elezea Blog

    This is a blog about becoming better product managers and designers. The main focus of this blog is on UX, product strategies and designs. His goal is to write this site in the spirit of the Swahili word elezea, which means to elucidate, explain, clarify, and relate. We at highly recommend to read his blog on How To Deal With Uncertainty In Product Development.

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