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Welcome to another weekly newsletter by, we brought you all with 5 blogs ruling the internet this week. These blogs are on various verticals of product management which will help you to get insights about the strategies and plans followed by different product managers.

  1. Meeting Deadlines and Challenges with Google PM

    “Ming Guang Yong is Product lead at Google research for ML solutions pipeline open source project MediaPipe. Before, Ming worked for products such as Google Search and Admob mobile video ads. He holds a Masters of Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Applied Engineering Physics from Cornell University. Today, his areas of focus are machine learning, gaming, and robotics.”

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  2. Product Accountability – Appraise Products Like a Manager

    “Performance reviews, evaluations, or appraisals are awful, and we need more of them. it’s time to recognize the need for Product teams to evaluate themselves based on the performance reviews of their products.

    This is meant to establish the mindset that in order to evaluate a Product Manager’s and Product Team’s performance it’s not about delivery it’s about the performance of their product relative to the goals of the organization over time.”

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  3. Scope Management is Product Management

    “Where does the scope of a new product feature start and end? For product teams, figuring out where to draw the line that determines what should constitute the first version of a new product or feature is grueling. Over-engineer something to death and you’ll ship too late. Ship something with missing fundamental functionality and you’re in a mad race to catch up.

    Scope management is product management. And it’s often only with experience that you’ll learn how best to manage scope creep.”

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  4. A product detective diary: how to discover the right product

    “Who else loves thriller TV shows? Those in which a detective investigates a murder while observing a big wall full with pictures, pins and connecting lines. This board is called an evidence board.

    Detectives usually base their investigations on them. Using scientific models such as hypothesis validation to start connecting dots, to see what’s missing and what doesn’t fit where, all in order to come up with a prime suspect.”

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  5. When Marketing meets Product

    “It sounds pretty obvious that Marketing and Product work great together. In fact, they must work together, otherwise, what are you doing?

    Yet, what continues to amaze me, as a Digital Marketing Strategist, is that working closely with a Business Analyst who is knowledgeable in Agile methodologies has a huge favorable impact on your work and objectives.
    But how?”

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