1] Have an influencer marketplace, one where any individual can get paid, regardless of following, for their services. It would be opt-in, enabling those that would like to get paid for their services, housed in an internal Instagram marketplace. In addition to opt-in, these creators would have to be labeled as of that, a 'Creator Profile.' In order to receive a creator's services, an Instagram account must be have a Business Profile, ideally, with the proper category.

2] Age ranges (only ranges) are color-coded. The purpose of this color-coded system would allow supervision for underage (according to parents, not Instagram policy), vulnerable populations, and those that have guardians. In particular, this color-coded system would have a supervision folder, one that is controlled by a guardian, in which those messages go directly to that guardian without the user (the one receiving the message(s)) does not receive a notification.

3] More of an interest, not a suggestion, but the ability to have soft-verifications, similar to the gray checkmark seen on Meta. The purpose of this will enable those that are being served in civil suits to receive actual service of papers via verification and a read receipt. Currently, one cannot be served on any digital platform other than that of an appropriate eFile within our Court system.

4] A soft verification could allow for the possibility for political campaigns, and state representatives to identify what local community needs are. More so, candidates and politicians alike can incorporate polling and upvoting features, those that can vote (story polls, post polls, and so forth), must be a constituent of a said political campaign, or government body (local, state, and federal).

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These are some really interesting points!

Thanks for sharing them😊

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