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1. What Product Managers can Learn from Shark Tank: 5 Key Lessons

Is there anything quite like secondhand embarrassment? While watching people succeed is awesome, there is something just a little bit delicious about watching people bomb. And that’s what Shark Tank is for.

For those unfamiliar, Shark Tank (also known as Dragon’s Den in the original British version), is a show where various inventors, business owners, and entrepreneurs, pitch their ideas to a group of millionaire investors.

We can hear some of you saying ‘…why is Product School talking to me about Shark Tank?‘ That’s because during the long days and weeks of lockdown, Shark Tank became a binge-worthy savior. And that’s when we realized that these pitches actually provide plenty of food for thought and words of wisdom for Product Managers.

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2. Hardest Product Lesson Learned

Relying too much on data — yes you may be doing that in your product right now. Watch and learn more from product management expert, Amin Bashi.

This is video by Amin Bashi, talking about his experience in Product Management and lessons he wanted to share with his audience. Do watch this video.

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3. 7 Product Management Lessons From Real Product Managers

With broad, sometimes ambiguous responsibilities and high expectations, the product manager role is constantly evolving. Product managers are continuously learning new things and need to improve themselves (not just the products they manage) on a daily basis.

So, we asked real product managers to share their most valuable tips, tricks, and best kept secrets. Here, 7 experts weigh in on the product management lessons they wish they learned earlier in their careers.

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4. 8 lessons from my second year as a product manager

“You know I moved into product management, right?” I’m having coffee with a longtime friend, or maybe I’ve just bumped into a colleague I haven’t seen in a couple of years due to divergent career paths. Most people who have worked with me before are genuinely curious about whether or not I still like product management.

Quick answer: yes, I still love it. It engages more of the skills I had been developing through decades of music, performance, writing, and non-profit leadership, and has challenged me in ways I never really imagined. Don’t get me wrong: the learning curve has been steep, but it’s been more due to the personal lessons I’ve been learning along the way.

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5. 9 Product Management Lessons by Facebook Messenger PM David Berger

Product Management is such a young job title that prospective PMs often find it hard to identify a voice with the experience and expertise to guide them. David Berger generously shared his insights, from his early moments as an adaptable PM, to his current position, hiring and building his product teams. Overall, the conclusion is that the world of product is full of opportunities to enter and make and impact. You just need to have a clear sense of direction.

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