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Interesting tweets from this week 🐦

Product Scoop🕶️

Microsoft to showcase the “next generation of Windows” on June 24

Upcoming updates to Windows will include major changes including significant visual enhancements. The update will also entail some major UI changes to the OS under a project codenamed “Sun Valley,”. 

The tech giant confirmed last month that it will no longer ship Windows 10X, its OS originally built for dual-screen devices. It will instead bring certain visual elements of the OS into the primary version of Windows 10.

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Product Owners, You Are Part of The Scrum Team

The product owner can help the scrum team on an everyday basis in many ways:

  • Do PO acceptance, review yourself the functionalities delivered from the end-user perspective, and see if they provide value.

  • Write stories, the team can help, but you must own them.

  • Share the product vision with the team as much as possible

  • Share the long term plans with the team as much as possible

  • Explain why certain functionality is needed

  • Explain how the clients use the product

  • Explain the value of the functionalities

  • Share what the clients need

  • Make sure the team understand and knows how clients use the product

  • Prepare for refinement

  • Keep the backlog clean

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Startup News🚀

This ex-journalist wants to build a ‘meaningful Facebook’ for India’s youth

Founded in 2019, We The Young is a content website by Chairat Jaggi that gives voice to several social issues — 

Mental health, Gender inequality, Bullying, Harassment, Free speech, LGBTQIA+ issues, Sexuality, and so on.

Everything that young Indians want to talk about.

Today, the startup has a community of over 100,000 people, and the founder claims that the site has recorded cumulative views exceeding 25 million since its inception.

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