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8th Episode of PM-Spotlight is live now!

A webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country. We talk with Harish Kumar Nagarajan, who has been working as a Product Manager at ROI Hunter in Czechia for the past two years.

He shared great insights, including:

  • 🌏 How the practice of product management varies in different countries.

  • ️ 💆‍♂️ All about work-life Balance.

  •  ⚡️ His thoughts on product management books and more.

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Product Scoop 🐥

Roadmap- A podcast for aspiring product managers

Breaking into the product space is hard. This very latest podcast- Roadmap dives in with great product managers from the companies big and small to discover their product journeys. It has published the first two episodes.

Listen to the full episodes..

Are You a Rabbit 🐇 or a Kangaroo? 🦘

Ken Norton, an executive coach to Product leaders, shared a very interesting article on what dual ladders for product managers could look like in practice.

Using an organizational design example, this is how it is formulated:

  • Imagine a growth-stage e-commerce startup; let’s call them “Whistle.

  • They have 200 employees and a twelve-person product management team led by Koala, the VP of product.

  • Koala hired a PM director, Kangaroo, to lead the newly formed platform team.

  • The CEO asks Koala to designate someone to lead the product strategy for “Whistle ID,” as it’s now being called. Fortunately, there’s a perfect candidate in Rabbit.

    Read the full article to satisfy your curiosity around this whole fascinating story of how it works around dual ladders of product managers and then decide for yourself, if you are a kangaroo or a rabbit! 🦘 🐇

Read the full article

Startup Story 🚀

 How PayG is helping big enterprises optimize their digital payments

Hyderabad-based PayG started out as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill payment’s processor, helping retailers collect online payments the way Razorpay, CitrusPay and PayU do. But it has differentiated itself in the B2B space.

“The simple fact is that today, companies, whether they are big or small, don’t want to invest in something they cannot use 100 percent. PayG either gives them a product that serves the industry they operate in, so they find they’re able to use all the features and then ask for more; or customises it completely for just their company and operations, which makes life a whole lot easier for them. That’s the value we bring,”

Read the full story

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