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Well, well, We just launched Product Library on Product Hunt

We have put it all together and made the biggest collection of product management resources on the web. So far, a list of 1200+ product management resources! 📚

This is a small effort from our side to give back to our beloved community. We hope this collection would be a good head start for anyone looking to get into product management and help build their first (or next.) awesome product.

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Product Hunt Page

9th Episode of PM-Spotlight is live now!

A webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country. We talk with Aatir Abdul Rauf who is Director of Marketing & Product Management at vFairs, Pakistan.

He shared great insights, including:

  • 🌏 His journey with product management.

  •  ⚡️ His thoughts on the booming startup ecosystem in Pakistan, and more.

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Product Scoop 🐥

4 ways Scrum Teams can act like curious archaeologists

Todd Lankford, an Agile Coach, Product Strategy Facilitator, Writer, Editor, and Speaker writes a very interesting article on Scrum teams. He puts the teams in a position to act like archaeologists on the hunt for rare finds.

  • Find your dig site through experimentation

  • Use evidence over assumptions

  •  Don’t be afraid to exit an excavation

  • Don’t rush the unearthing process

Read the full article..

A Product Leader on How to Build Out a SaaS Platform: Interview with David Grabner by Kelly Sarabyn

David Grabner is the Product Lead for Apps and Integrations at Miro, a leading collaboration platform with over 100 integrations.

He shared:

  • the importance of developer relations

  • Miro's team structure

  • why you need a process for continually updating integrations

  • how to think about monetization

  • his north star metrics

Read the full interview

Startup Story 🚀

Why this sibling duo decided to start a gender-neutral kidswear brand

Cuddles for Cubs is a Mumbai-based gender-neutral clothing brand for children. Anushka Jhawar and Arjun Doshi started it out of Mumbai earlier this year. 

The brand aims to encourage a genderless and imaginative childhood that blurs archaic distinctions between ‘boy’ and ‘girl’, paving the way for an empowered, uninhibited future. 

The bootstrapped startup has an average basket size of Rs 1,200, and has delivered more than 1,600 orders in 2.5 months.

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