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AMA with Prashant Mahajan on Product Management & Entrepreneurship

We recently hosted an AMA session for product managers where Prashant Mahajan shared insights into the PM role and how he transitioned from Product Management to Entrepreneurship.

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A webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country. This week we interacted with Dheeraj Gunna and talk about What it is like to be a Product Manager in Germany!

Product Scoop

The Spotify Model Fallacy, Pirates & Leadership, Building Stuff to Close Deals, Scheduling Innovation?

Dissecting the Spotify model fallacy, one looks at the forward-thinking approach of pirates regarding governance and self-management and why some people have difficulties embracing the idea of autonomous action by self-directed individuals.

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How Paytm is using content to generate leads in the fintech space

Can content have a clear goal and measurable ROI? This is a question that a lot of marketers and brands struggle with still. In the fintech space, however, the role of content has become increasingly clear over the years.

“Going forward, the brands that will win at content marketing are the ones that will win at distribution. Content is created once but can be distributed in multiple formats,”

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Over 60 pc of vaccine wastage happens in last-mile. This startup wants to reduce that — for both routine and COVID-19 vaccines

Manipal-based Blackfrog Technologies is among those startups at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. Through its solution, Emvolio, Blackfrog wants to reduce the wastage of both routine and COVID-19 vaccines in last-mile delivery.

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