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A webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country. In this third episode of Product Management across the World, we have a special guest - Amit Bhasin who is a Head of Product at PayPay, Japan shares his thoughts on What it is like to be a Product Manager in Japan?

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Clubhouse is the new Orkut? #GhostTown

Clubhouse is no doubt a disruptive audio platform, but soon became a media play.

It has become an events platform rather than a place to have real-world conversations (with people like you and me). While some real-world conversations definitely started on Clubhouse, they were often shadowed by big celebrity rooms.

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Review of Vimeo OTT: The Best Alternatives & Competitors in 2021

Have you been generating video content for a long time? If yes, you’ve definitely heard of Vimeo at some point. From hosting videos, organization, and distribution, Vimeo VOD has helped many content creators, mainly in the B2C sector, to upload and embed their content

While Vimeo has made a name for itself in the VOD and OTT platforms, it is clearly not the only option to go for. Multiple new platforms provide better features at an affordable rate. So, choose your OTT platform wisely.

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IvyCap Ventures-backed PurpleTutor teaches kids how to build apps, games, and Harry Potter-style invisibility cloaks

Mumbai-based live coding startup PurpleTutor offers courses in Python, Scratch, AI, 3D game design, and more to kids aged 6-16. It is tapping into the rising demand for STEM learning across the world. Founded in 2019 by IIT-B alumni Gaurav Perti and Yatish Gupta, the startup offers live coding classes to build computational and creative thinking skills in K-12 students.

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Microsoft, Airbnb, Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Apple, Walt Disney are putting empathy at the forefront to design and build websites, apps, technology solutions, and services. Empathy is a really useful tool throughout the UX design process and for making technological progress fair for everyone. The empathetic synergy between designers, developers, agencies and stakeholders/clients can ensure more meaningful, balanced user experiences.

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