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A webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country. In our 7th Episode, Padmini Janaki who is Founder of Mind and Mom, and Ex PM at PayPal, shares her thoughts on What it is like to be a Product Manager in India?

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New South African partnership gets $3M, launches telehealth product

A new platform (without a name yet) is launching out of South Africa, and it wants to provide accessible quality care for Africans with its telehealth service. This new venture, which should hopefully have a name soon, is one of a few health tech platforms based in South Africa that have raised seven-figure sums in a fintech-dominated year.

we will deliver high-quality healthcare at low cost to 75 million people through telemedicine, literally putting healthcare in the palm of their hands - Says Saul Kornik, co-founder and CEO at Healthforce,

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International News 🌏

Blue Origin’s final passenger for its first human spaceflight will be 18-year-old Oliver Daemen

 Blue Origin is planning to fly its founder Jeff Bezos to space in just a few days, on July 20, on its debut human spaceflight. 

The company revealed today that the winning bidder who forked over $28 million for the privilege is actually going to fly on a later mission, and instead the final seat on the debut flight will go to Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old high school graduate bound for the University of Utrecht. He’ll be the youngest person to travel to space, which means this launch will include both the youngest and the oldest people ever to make the trip.

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Healthtech startup Meddo enters Bengaluru; plans to launch in ten more cities in two years

Founded in 2018, the Gurugram-based startup is a 360-degree connected health platform that transforms OPD clinics into fully digitized medical service centers. 

Meddo has announced its entry into Bengaluru on Thursday, two weeks after raising a pre-Series A round of $6 million led by SRI Capital, Picus Capital, and Alkemi Capital. Bengaluru being a technology hub, with the majority of consumers being tech natives or early adopters, makes the city a conducive market for the startup.

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