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Remember the days when our jobs demanded us to tumble out of bed, drag ourselves to hit the road to get to work every day. Luckily, it is not the same anymore. The roles are getting deeper, providing many exciting opportunities, the culture is more relaxed, letting you be in your way and explore as much as you can.

Product management is one such role that embraces change and chaos as drivers of innovation and creativity. In this week's Product Cafe, I am going to talk about some interesting things I came across in Product Management. Let's get started!

The Product Concept 🔎

What is a good strategy?

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas.

- Steve Jobs-

A good product strategy doesn't just include what to build next, and the problem statements you need to solve. The essence of a good strategy also lies in choosing what not to do.

So, pick your battles when defining your Product Strategy: not all problems are equal.

Here's an interesting read that talks about the importance of focusing our minds and actions on the right problems to get a good Product Strategy: All about Product strategy.

Read here

Startup Story 🚀

Humit 🎶

Music: the coffee to our cozy mornings☕, a breeze of calm wind in the summer afternoons🪟, and you can keep describing the magic of it. The magic that is vast than the magic the magicians in the whole world have created together. But today, I will be talking about a startup that reimagined the idea of music sharing.

Humit has made music sharing super cool. Humit is co-founded by Rohit Ganapathy, Prithvi Sankar, and Ishaan Negi in early 2021. With Humit, You don't have to hop on between multiple links and apps to listen to your favorite songs. (You know what, you can also find how your friends liked the song you forced them to listen to ;) Humit brings all the music lovers from across platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube music to one place. So Share your vibe, Find your tribe with Humit! 😎

The curated list ✨

1. The Product Party 🥳

It’s such happiness when like-minded people get together. Saying that this year’s Product Party is on. ProductTalk Sydney is organizing this year’s Product Party, and it unites the communities of Product Talks, Product Women, Product Mavens, Product Book Club, and Product Anonymous online.

The topic is “Can you have Product Led Growth without a Product Led Culture?”

Could it get any more exciting? YES! John Cutler, Product Evangelist & Coach @ Amplitude is going to be there. It is happening on 2nd December and it is “FREE”

Grab your seats here → The Product Party

2. Inspired! 🌈

There’s a lot of difference between building a product and building a product that users love. But how do you do that? Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Facebook have built products that users love. What did they do differently to make this happen?

Marty Cagan, the thought leader in Product Management, shares in this book Inspired, how to structure and staff a vibrant and successful product organization, and how to discover and deliver technology products that your customers will love—and that will work for your business.

Read the Inspired summary here → Inspired by Marty Cagan

3. The Secret potion 🫖

What is the product strategy behind Canva’s success?

Hubspot in this video takes us through the 4 main pillars of Canva’s product strategy that helped them disrupt the $128 billion dollar design services market.

Watch here → The Product strategy that fuelled Canva’s success

Top picks from our collection 📚

1. Rishi Jha on Product-Led Growth

Emulate drug dealers”: This is an intriguing chapter from the best-selling book “Rework” by Jason Fried and David Hansson. 

It goes like this,

Drug dealers are astute business people. They know their product is so good, they’re willing to give a little away for free upfront. They know you’ll be back for more – with money.

Emulate drug dealers. Make your product so good, so addictive, so “can’t miss” that giving customers a small, free taste makes them come back for more. 

This applies to software products, where you offer your customers free trials or limited free use versions before onboarding them. Then, if they find value, they will come back for more. 

The Freemium model is one of the crucial aspects of Product-Led Growth. Rishi Jha, the Chief Growth Officer (Product & Marketing) at Hubbler, shares his opinion on Product-Led growth here👇🏼

Read here

2. The PM Spotlight ☀️

We are now back with PM-Spotlight. Want to know how it is to be a Product Manager in Israel? Let's find out from Moriya Kassis, Product consultant, and Founder at Product League. Moriya is a startup founder, startup investor, and specialist in building products that users love. 

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