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10th Episode of PM-Spotlight is live now!

PM Spotlight is a webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country. This week, we had a chat with with Gourish Amonkar who is a Product Manager at Bolt in Estonia.

He shared great insights, including:

  • 🚌 His journey with product management.

  • 🌍 Interesting stories from the vibrant tech scene in Estonia, and more.

Product Goodreads 📚

The most important thing Dropbox did to scale Product Management

For me, one of the most valuable experiences was seeing Dropbox rapidly scale (both in customers and employee size), and witnessing all the issues that arise as those numbers increase. Today, I want to talk through the framework we developed for keeping the growing company on the same page through the product development process…

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10 Visual models that let you simplify the most complex ideas

The days of the Colored Markers and huge whiteboards are long gone. I realized after lockdown that long meetings carrying intensive discussion were a luxury. It's a new era of short calls and packed schedules. Every meeting is expected to start with an agenda and end with next steps…

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Startup Story 🚀

Cent, the platform that Jack Dorsey used to sell his first tweet as an NFT, raises $3M

Cent was founded in 2017 as an ad-free creator network that allows users to offer each other crypto rewards for good posts and comments — it’s like gifting awards on Reddit, but with Ethereum. But in late 2020, Cent’s small, San Francisco-based team created Valuables, an NFT market for tweets, and by March, the small blockchain startup was thrown a serendipitous curveball…

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