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Top Pick Article of the Week 👌🏻

12 Frameworks for Finding Startup Ideas — Advice for Future Founders

This collection of advice contains frameworks for brainstorming, questions to help pressure test concepts, and even thoughts on how to best explore a new idea with a potential co-founder. Whether you choose to adopt just one, or a combination of them all, The articles will help you accelerate on your course to finding the right problem to solve and diving into the work of starting up.

1. Put More Effort Into Problem Selection Than You Think You Need To.

2. Prepare Your Pack — And Get Ready To Have Your Ideas Challenged.

3. Set Your Compass With These Three Questions.

4. Hunt For Ideas In Nonobvious Markets.

5. Relax Your Constraints On The Current Reality.

6. Take Two Weeks To Tackle A Hands-On Project.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Idea Simmer For A While.

8. Focus On The Best Jobs To Tackle.

9. Get Super Specific.

10. Pressure Test Your Idea Against These Four Dimensions.

11. Start Pitching, But Learn To Sort Through All The Feedback.

12. Take Your Own Temperature.

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11th Episode of PM-Spotlight is live now!

The PM of the Week was Toby Delamore, Product Manager at Xero.
Highlights from the webinar :
🙇🏻‍♂️ Talks about the misconception around stakeholder management.
🌍 How product roles in New Zealand are different from other countries.
🌝 Good Reputation across the world for the way New Zealand conducts business. 
🕶 Talent Structure in New Zealand, its advantages and limitations.

Product Goodreads 📚

Product Management is Relationship Management

There are countless methodologies, processes, and tools for product management. Seemingly, new ones appear every day. The product management toolbox continues to grow, which is a recognition of the importance of the craft and work, but nothing in product management is more important than great relationships.

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A more culturally conscious product approach

With Lean and Agile practices, we take a user-centric approach. We make small iterations, and try and our best to do the leanest thing we can that delivers the largest amount of value. But, when it comes to deeply engraved culture, those characteristic that are so hidden, does a Lean and Agile approach surface enough information?

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Startup Story 🚀

Mealworm farming company Beta Hatch raises $10M

St. Louis-based firm announced $10 million in funding in a round led by Lewis & Clark AgriFood, with participation from Cavallo Ventures and Innova Memphis, which are both signed on as existing investors. The money comes as Beta Hatch is eyeing the expansion of its flagship farm in Cashmere, Washington.

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