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Top Pick Article of the Week 👌🏻

The Power of Product Thinking

The article talks about how exactly do you define product thinking? Because product thinking alone isn’t enough; you also have to be able to apply product thinking to design and build toward better outcomes. And while well-honed product thinking is often at the start of many company, analyst, and investment theses, product thinking influences all stages of technology development beyond that too, from adding new product lines to helping an established product adapt to new market trends. The article covers points including:

  • What product thinking is (and isn’t)

  • Developing observation

  • Developing inquiry

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12th Episode of PM-Spotlight is live now!🔮

The PM of the Week: Suhas Motwani, Co-Founder of The Product Folks & Indistractable. Highlights from the webinar:
💼 Talks about the B2B and B2C business structure.
🔑 The importance of patience in product development.
🚅 Fast Moving Markets

Product Goodreads 📚

Product Vision FAQs

Roman Pichler, Product management expert. Author of “How to Lead in Product Management” talks about how the product vision can be a powerful instrument to inspire and align stakeholders and development teams. But in practice, it is not always effectively applied. This article shares questions about the product vision, which describes the ultimate purpose of a product.

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You Don’t Have To Lie To Get A Job As A Product Manager

The article revolves around a product manager’s personal journey into Product Management from a customer facing role. About discovering product management, getting to know product managers, trying to make a switch internally, how to own to your experience and If product is what you are passionate about, you can find your way there on your own merits.

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Startup Story 🚀

The 5 Early Mistakes That Almost Killed This Founder’s Startup — and How He Survived

After Clark Benson sold his company eCrush in 2007, he had two choices: He could either take a sabbatical or he could jump right in and start building his fifth company, Ranker, a site that would crowdsource rankings of everything from movies to athletes. Feeling self-inflicted pressure, he chose the latter — and, in his words, it turned out to be a colossal mistake. Go through the full article to know all of it.

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