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Upcoming Event 🔮

Product Drive

Product drive 2.0 has top thought-leaders in Product Growth & Marketing sharing their insights - for free. With over 20 experts speaking over a 2-day period, we couldn't be more excited about this upcoming product conference.
When: October 04-05
Where: Online
Schedule: Check the full schedule here
Price: Free

New Episode PM-Spotlight is live now 😽

PM Spotlight is a webinar series where we bring top product managers from around the world to understand what product management is like in their country.

I started to get curious about who developed specs that engineers are to build. I started to question - Hey! Why are we building it like this, and probably we can do better.

Charles Kithika explains his motivation behind transitioning from engineering to product management. He also talks about how his technical skills as an Engineer made the transition easier and the close-knit product community in Africa. Watch the full webinar to know more!🎈

Product Goodreads 📚

2 words to ban from product management

“Must” and “should” are two of the most misused words in the English language. When developing products, it’s normally best to keep options open. This gives you time to collect information and calculate difficult tradeoffs. “Must” and “should” do the opposite: they close options, with little explanation of why.

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Slack huddle — Yay 🙌 or Nay 🤦🏻‍♂️

Slack launched huddle as a collaboration tool & positioned it as a tool to recreate the spontaneous and informal discussions that you miss from the office, the digital equivalent of a tap on a colleague’s shoulder, or watercooler chat. On desktop, you can join a chat by entering into a channel or DM and click on the headset toggle. There will be a “Bloop!” sound to indicate that a Huddle has started. The article cover intensive points on why it would work and why it wouldn’t.

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Startup Story 🚀

Beyond Lean Startups

What began as a scientific approach to creating and managing startups has now become a worldwide movement for companies of all sizes — and for creating (or rather rediscovering) entrepreneurs in all places. Not just inside startups, not just for software, and not just inside Silicon Valley. It’s about unlocking human creativity everywhere. Perhaps even reinventing the firm.

  • Where the idea of “lean startup” came from and how it’s resonating with larger businesses

  • How innovation is often stifled in large organizations, and why it’s difficult to be entrepreneurial

  • The impact of software and keys to unlocking people’s creativity [37:16]

  • How to implement lean startup, and a discussion of the most popular terms

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