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NoCode Talks

No Code Talks is a YouTube channel created for the sole purpose of teaching fellow nocoders and budding entrepreneurs how to create and build products using Nocode Tools. Everything from design, development, marketing, sales; Nocode has something for everyone. Creating videos full of knowledge that will ultimately help you create a successful product. This channel will answer all your burning questions related to no code & no-code development.

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Debunking PLG Misconceptions

PLG has become quite the topic of conversation in the last several years among SaaS companies, and took off even faster after March 2020. Because PLG is still relatively new to a lot of companies, there are some misconceptions out there.

  • The Buyer Is Not the Same as the User

  • There Is No Silver Bullet to PLG

  • You Might Find a Channel Isn’t Performing as Well as You Thought

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Decoding Product-Led Growth: Top Tactics To Master the User’s Product Journey from GitLab, Figma & Airtable

With so much hype around PLG today, the article breaks down the conversation into the user journey: from onboarding new users to becoming a successful user to ultimately becoming a paid user. See the full webinar recording here and the top takeaways from our panelists in the article.

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Startup Story 🚀

Alpha Paw brings in $8M to carve out its niche in the pet wellness space

The Austin-based company raised $8 million in Series A funding, led by Nordic Eye, after bootstrapping for the past three years. CEO Ramon van Meer took over the company in 2018 via an acquisition and is working with his 11-year-old son, Victor. At the time, Alpha Paw was a small company developing pet ramps for dogs that had trouble jumping up or down from sofas. It was relaunched in 2019 in the pet wellness area.

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