ProductCafe Newsletter #46: 6 Product Led Growth Sessions From SaaStr Annual 2021

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Deal of the week 🤑

Startup deals by The Product Folks

This one is for you; Startup Founders and Product Managers!

The Product Folks is coming up with some exciting startup deals; They’re working on a one-stop destination to find discounts on tools for your startup journey. Check it out and learn all about it, what’s in it for you, tools they have partnered with, and more. You can join the waitlist to not miss out on great deals.

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New Podcast Episode 🎙

What is it like to be a Product Manager in Nepal

And we are back with PM Spotlight. In conversation with Bishal Vaidya, Product Manager at IntroCept, Nepal. Bishal shared insightful tips on the process of becoming a successful product manager, and the key difference between project management and product management are highlighted.

Watch the full episode to know more. 👇

Product Good reads 📚

The PLG steps that took us from 0 to 150 companies in 3 months

In my last post, I shared how we switched From 💼 Top-down Sales to 📈Bottom-up 🔬Product Led Growth

I’m happy to say that we launched 3 months ago!🥳

Now that we are 3 months in I’d like to share my experience and findings. Many founders who go through the same process have reached out to me following my last post and I’d like to try and help by sharing.

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6 Product Led Growth Sessions From SaaStr Annual 2021

As OpenView and many others have documented, Product Led Growth (“PLG”) is one of the dominant themes of the SaaS marketplace today.

Unsurprisingly, Product Led Growth was one of the most popular discussion topics at SaaStr Annual 2021.

If you missed out on attending SaaStr Annual 2021 – where our outdoor format earned an analogy to the “Coachella of SaaS” – or just want to understand PLG better, here are 6 sessions to study.

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Startup Story 🚀

Analogue aspires to build the definitive OS for retro gaming

Analogue’s much-anticipated Pocket retro gaming machine will come with more than just sleek design and the ability to play tons of classic games. The device will be the first with AnalogueOS on it, an effort to make what founder Chris Taber calls the “Library of Alexandria of video games.”

“At its heart, AnalogueOS is purpose built for exploring and celebrating all of video game history. Designed to be the definitive, scholarly operating system for playing and experiencing the entire medium. Our vision is total, absolute,” said Taber. “And yes, AnalogueOS will be on every future Analogue system.”

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