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Startup Headlines 📰

  1. Dunzo aims to launch 250 micro-fulfilment centres to serve 700-plus neighbourhoods

    The pandemic has seen the growth of several hyperlocal plat

    forms like Dunzo. The hyperlocal delivery startup said since January 2021, it had witnessed a growth of 350 percent in medicine orders alone, while consumables like groceries, fresh produce, and daily staples had grown 318 percent as of April 2021.

    Dunzo is now aiming to expand its micro-fulfilment centres to address the growing demand. It is looking to deploy over 250 micro-fulfilment centres to serve 700-plus neighbourhoods.

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  1. [Funding alert] Spacetech startup Agnikul Cosmos raises $11M in Series A round

    Chennai-based spacetech startup Agnikul Cosmos has raised $11 million in its Series A funding round led by Mayfield India. Its existing investors, including pi Ventures, Speciale Invest, and Artha Venture Fund also participated in the round.

    Agnikul Cosmos will be deploying the funds for expanding its team and scale up its technology and infrastructure. The startup is targeting to launch its first mission in the second half of next year.

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Get updated with UX/UI 👨‍💻

  1. Frustrating Design Patterns: Mega-Dropdown Hover Menus

    Complex websites often rely on complex navigation. When a website houses thousands of pages, often combined with micro-websites and hundreds of subsections, eventually the navigation will go deep and broad. And with such a complex multi-level navigation, showing the breadth of options requires quite a bit of space. Think of large eCommerce retailers and large corporate sites, catering to many audiences and having plenty of entry points.

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    User experience design is something that most of us associate with websites. But why isn’t it something we extend beyond the website?

    Here’s why I ask this:

    As a consumer, it’s so rare that your only interaction with a brand is through its website. Take an ecommerce site, for example. You buy a product from it, and then what happens?

    • You get a confirmation email;

    • You get another email when the package ships;

    • You might get another email or SMS notification when the package is delivered;

    • You retrieve the package and open it;

    • You open up your purchase and use it.

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It’s time for some Product Management lessons 📖

  1. Three Types of Customers that Use Your Software Product

    Great digital products are not built in a vacuum. We want to build software customers love, and that sometimes requires connecting with what real people care about, and understanding from their perspective what problems are worth solving.

    How do we connect with these customers in order to understand them? This is where identifying customer types can be useful in focusing research activities. Here is one way you can identify three customer types.

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  1. Breaking the internet – Sudhir Venkatesh

    In 2008, Columbia University sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh published his first book, Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes To The Streets. A few years later, that got the attention of  Mark Zuckerberg, which led to a role working in Integrity for Facebook, and later, as Director of Social Science Research and Health Research at Twitter. In this interview they asked him to join us on the podcast to help understand how product people can do great things without fundamentally breaking the internet.

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