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Chat shows are the best way to keep yourself informed about your choice of topics. It gets more insightful when any industry expert gives valuable feedback and insights from their experience. Zeda.io have curated a list of blogs that talks about the product, its technical aspect, marketing, product design and a lot more. Let’s get started.

  1. Become a Product Manager Without Tech Background with Salesforce PM

    How does one get a job as a Product Manager without a technical background? What are the dos and don’ts in a PM job interview? What is it like being the Product Manager at a massive company like Salesforce? We had a live chat session on Slack with the Product Manager at Salesforce, Jared Long, and our community to ask him all these questions.

    Can you talk a bit about your background and how you got into product management?

    I have a marketing background. I studied marketing both in undergrad and business school. I first got into product management at TripAdvisor through their Marketing Rotation program as my first job out of school. There, marketing was closely aligned with a product, so I had the opportunity to gain some exposure through three product rotations. I fell in love with it right away. Not very often are you able to have the opportunity to build and market your products?

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  2. Technical Product Insights with Fmr Senior PM at PlayStation

    This week Product School hosted Jonathan Farrow, a former Senior Product Manager at PlayStation, for an #AskMeAnything session. Jonathan talked about his journey into Product, advice for entry-level PMs, approaches to user insights, and more!

    Meet Jonathan

    Jonathan is a former Senior Product Manager at PlayStation. Prior to this, he was a Senior Product Manager at Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. Before that, Jonathan was a Technical Product Manager of Controls Engineer at Rolls-Royce and a Technical Support Engineer at EUCHNER GmbH + Co. He earned his
    Bachelor’s degree in Electric Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University and a Master of Science in Computer Science with AI from the University of York.

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  3. Inspiring Strong Product Leaders: A Conversation with Petra Wille

    I first met Petra Wille, a fellow product coach, at Mind the Product and was immediately impressed with her work.

    While I tend to focus on helping teams, Petra’s work centers around helping product leaders—the people who manage product managers. The people in these roles don’t always come from a product background, so they may need guidance to understand the essentials of product management and what best practices look like in the real world.

    Petra is open and generous with her knowledge. She’s put together a ton of useful resources, including her “product coach in a box” deck of cards.

    And she also happens to be writing a book (like me).

    There was no shortage of topics for us to cover in our recent conversation. You can watch the video or read an edited version of the transcript below.

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  4. Product Management in the Time of Corona

    In her Mind the Product APAC talk, Dian Rosanti, SVP Product at Gojek, describes how she and her team set themselves up for success during the COVID crisis. Dian covers, reacting to uncertainty, staying effective whilst distributed, and remembering self-care during COVID.

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  5. Built to Scale: How René Lacerte Grew Bill.com Into a $10B Company

    René Lacerte is the CEO and Founder of Bill.com, a fintech platform that helps businesses pay and get paid faster by bringing the back office to their back pocket. Valued at $10B, Bill.com’s secret to success isn’t that they got lucky with the right product at the right time — the startup was intentionally built to scale in every way, from their product and development to their culture, core values and even leadership. René spoke with Ashish Toshniwal, CEO and co-founder of YMLon the most recent episode of Y in the Valley and together they dispel the myth of overnight success, unearth the secrets of building rich company culture, and discuss how to build a company at speed and scale.

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These were a few Product talks which we suggest you go through to enhance your product management career as a Product Manager. We hope this will help you in enhancing your skills. 

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